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I’m Paul, and I’m besotted with Ruby

I had always romanced the idea of having a dog, but I was put off by the amount of work involved tidying up after a dog. I like things tidy. Very tidy. The thought of constantly cleaning up after a dog did not appeal.

When our son Jack fell very ill at the age of nine spending weeks in Starship Children’s Hospital, including four days in intensive care, the discussion about having a family dog resurfaced.

Jack’s illness presented the family with the ultimate opportunity to press me for a dog; and press me they did!  Because my son’s welfare and happiness were my top priorities… our new family member Ruby, the Parson Terrier, arrived.

I wasn’t wrong in my estimations about the amount of work involved in raising a dog, but I completely underestimated the joy and delight that Ruby would bring to our family.

I’m besotted.

Ruby’s Assistant

I’m Sally, and I was besotted with Archie

My first foray into fur baby “motherhood” was the arrival of Archie, our Tibetan Terrier. Starting life as a beautiful, chocolate ball of fluff, Archie was considered a “defect” in breeding and show terms, but he was perfect in our eyes and stole our hearts.

Archie accompanied us everywhere, including the office where my accommodating boss allowed him to cuddle up under my desk, always within reach for a pat. One day a celebrity and his brother came to visit to discuss the finer points of a sponsorship deal, when from underneath my desk Archie passed wind!

My clients had no idea there was a dog present and they were too polite to mention the foul aroma emanating from my side of the desk.  To save any further mutual embarrassment I decided to confess and introduced Archie. Thankfully they were dog lovers and found the whole experience hilarious.

Like children, pets help to keep things real. Sadly, Archie is no longer with us, but Molly the spoodle is, and like Archie she accompanies me to work each day.

I’m besotted, again.

Molly’s Assistant

I’m Jo and I was besotted with our own Oscar ‘Wild’

My story starts with goldfish. I was desperate for our kids to have a pet, but with a husband who wasn’t really interested in the work that a dog would bring, I settled on buying goldfish. Unfortunately, even with all the love, care and attention, it didn’t take long before one of them passed away.

A lovely friend offered to secure a ‘replacement’ before the kids noticed. I arrived home to find our new family member happily swimming in a plastic bag on my front porch, minus an essential white spot and more the size of a carp! Fortunately, the kids didn’t notice the error, but for me this episode encouraged me to press for a fury friend.

Long-story-short, we ‘invested’ in an Ocicat, an exotic pure-bred cat with loads of personality and bucketloads for attitude (some might say an interesting choice to accompany the goldfish!)

Oscar was very much his own cat: a wild child. He took on dogs who dared to venture close and even challenged a miniature pony that passed our front gate one day.  Home was everywhere he chose to roam. There was a time when our family’s nightly ritual was to load into our family car, to circle the neighbourhood trying to locate Oscar before he got into territorial trouble!

For all the neighbourhood angst he caused us, Oscar also gave us fun and joy.  He was special because he was our first fur baby. He taught our children what it is to love, respect and care for animals.

I still miss Oscar and his daily antics, but Ruby has become the besotted one!

Founders’ Assistant

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